Yasuiseiki’s special features

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Flotation Dryers

Drying process is one of the important factors on the coating operation process. You have to carefully choose the drying method to match your substrate, solution, solvent and any other conditions.
We have an original flotation drying technology to decrease the damage of substrate and coating surface.


Yasuiseiki’s Airbar

We are using steps instead of a smoothly converging passage to move the air from inside the air bar to the web. As the air rushes past the top of the step, the flow separates from the step and continues to flow parallel to the jet axis.

Optimize Your Dryers Design

We flexibly design your drying system to meet your demands.

Acceptable for Each Drying System

We can create any kind of drying system.
For example, easy maintenance “Shell dryer” , monitorable ”dryer with window”, Roll support type, IR heater etc…

We can provide not only whole machine but also drying unit. Feel free to ask us!