Coating operation depends on many conditions (setting parameter, selecting machine functions, environment, substrates and solutions).
The strong points are uniformity, thin thickness coating and usability.
The weak points is not suitable for high viscosity solution, but we can propose your proper coating method when you ask us.
Yes, we have. We have installed many machines in the world. (US, UK, Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and another countries.)
We don’t recommend that you transfer and re-install your machine by yourself. You have to take extreme caution when you change your machine’s environment because the machine alignment and leveling is extremely important on high precision coating even if you want to move a little distance.
Please ask us and tell us your demands. Our maintenance team will support you.
We can suggest optimized proposal to meet your purpose and budget.
Yes, we can. We have our laboratory “Labo Japan”. There are many types of machine you can have a test/demo.
Feel free to ask us.
It depends on your machine specification. We usually need at least 6 months delivery time but we always try to adjust to your due date. If you want small size or tabletop size machine, the delivery time will be shorter than 6 months.
We usually have FAT(Factory Acceptance Test) when we complete the assembling. We can also do pre-FAT if you want. And, we can give you each milestone of the progress if you need.
We have experience in thin thickness coating by slot die but it depends on your solution and substrate.
Please ask us, we will give you proper presentation.
Yes you can. Please ask us because there are some materials we can’t use due to manufacturing accuracy.
We usually use PLC made by MITSUBISHI Electric. But we can use Allen Bradley’s and Siemens’s.
Feel free to ask us about the details.
We have sold many machines to over 200 companies. Ex) electric components, automobile, chemical, electric makers, printing, healthcare, government institutes, universities and so on.
We mainly provide 3 types “MICROGRAVURE™”, “Slot Die” and “Knife”. We think these 3 types will cover all of your coating demands, but we can also make another coating head.
Yes you do. We have trial run after we set up the machine, and we will teach you how to use the machine at the same time and give you the manuals.
Please contact our maintenance team immediately. You might be able to fix it at your own operation, but it depends on the situation.
If you didn’t change your coating conditions (substrates, solution and any parameters), it might be machine trouble.
Please contact us immediately.
We will give you the documents (operation/setting manuals, parts list, drawings and specifications) when we install the machine.
Feel free to ask us how to use the machine.
Yes, you can do the usual maintenance, if you follow the proper maintenance procedure. If you want modify the machine or change the core parts, you should ask for us these operations.
We can provide not only whole machine but also coating head unit and drying unit.
Firstly, we will give you a planning design and we will discuss with you about the specification based on it. After that we will complete the final specification and have you confirm it.