Maintenance BACK

We will support you by using our professional knowledge and skills!

We have the special maintenance team who has great experience. Our special team will support you to solve your problems by using our special equipment.
We thoroughly support you from installation of the machine to maintenance after launching your machine.

We can overhaul your machine.

If you want to use your old model coater which you haven’t run for a long time, you have to have an overhaul. Even if your coater is old, we can refresh your coater. We have many experience of reforming.

Updating the electric parts

If you want to use your coater for a long time, it is important to keep the electric panel in a good condition.
You should update your electric parts if you use your machine over 5 years or you have installed the machine long time ago. ex) Analog to PLC, DC servomotor to AC servomotor and so on.

Modifying the parts

Usability is one of the important things. After you launched the machine, you will have some demand of a little custom to make your operation more efficient. ( changing parts, modifying parts and so on.) We can always give you the idea to solve your issues. Feel free to ask us.

Inspection before the maintenance

It is an important thing that we check your machine at your site before the maintenance. We often have the inspection before we have a maintenance in order to complete the maintenance at only one time visit.

Please feel free to contact us.

Maintenance Menu

Our special maintenance team will give you a high quality maintenance. We recommend the “routine maintenance” but you can just have the “one time maintenance” also. We will give you some proposals to keep your machine in a good condition to use for a long time.
If you want to increase your productivity or quality by having some modification on your machine, we can give you optimized modification suggestion to solve your problems. We can design/create/install the modification parts/units.
Moving and reinstalling your machine
You have to take extreme caution when you change your machine’s environment because the machine alignment and leveling is extremely important on high precision coating even if you want to move a little distance.
Please ask us and tell us your demands. Our maintenance team will support you.
Operation consulting
We can provide operation consulting to solve your operation issues. We have installed many machines to various customers.
ex) Changing line speed to high, decreasing contamination and so on.