We’ve got you covered from the beginning until the end.

We can create any kind of machine as you like.
Coating operation depends on setting parameter and machine accuracy.
We will provide you your optimized model to meet your environment, purpose and budget.
And, we have line-ups for standard models as an entry machine which you can choose the options.

Our Main Products

Coaters for Test/R&D/Pilot model

We can create your only-one model for your developments. We have delivered a lot of coaters to R&D centers, Universities and Government institutes.

Coaters for Production model

We give you high accuracy and high quality for your machine. Stability and extensibility are also important things for your productivity. From extremely large size model to small size model, we have installed many kinds of coaters.

Table top size model “Mini-Labo™”

Mini-Labo is our smallest multi purpose coater. Best seller in the US . There are many options you can select.

Small size model “μcoater”

You can use μcoater as your production machine, pilot machine or test machine. Good cost performance and space-saving.

A Compact Test Coater for Thick Film Coating

TRI Coater is a compact test coater for those who are considering in-house thick-film coating verification.