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Taku Kusano

Consulting to Development, Custom Coater Design & Manufacturing to Maintenance, Yasui Seiki Continues to Offer Unrivaled Coating Support

As a precision coating technology consultant, developer, and coating machine designer and manufacturer, Yasui Seiki spent the last 40 years developing precision coating technologies for ultra thin, submicron coatings essential for state-of-the-art products.

Our patented MICROGRAVURE™ and slot die coating technologies are critical to industries such as polymer science, electronics, photonics, batteries and capacitors, and they have been playing key roles in Japan and other Asian countries for many decades.

What sets us apart from other coating machine manufacturers is that we have our own coating R&D centers (Labo and Omura Research Center) in Japan where we conduct R&D projects in collaboration with major Japanese corporations and universities alike. All findings from the R&D centers are directly reflected to the design of our coating machines. We have also developed our own set of validation and verification procedures for coating machines, which results in one-of-a-kind, well-orchestrated custom coating machines with unique components.

Yasui Seiki is not just a coating machine manufacturer; we are inventors of new technologies – MICROGRAVURE™, tungsten carbide lip slot die, and superheated steam dryers, to name a few. Yasui Seiki produces most of the precision parts in-house, machined to within 1/1000th of a millimeter. We pay attention to details, and we pay attention to the harmony of the entire coating machine. This is where Yasui Seiki’s know-how shines vividly. We don’t just assemble parts; we make them work together to manifest precision no one else can.

Yasui Seiki Group


Parent Organization Yasui Seiki Company, Ltd.
CEO Kusano Taku
Founded September 20, 1979
Locations Kanagawa, Japan, Nagasaki, Japan and Bloomington, IN USA
Customer Service 1(812)331-7194


November 1980 Yasui Seiki Company, Ltd. headquarters was established in Kanagawa, Japan
November 1986 Labo Co., Ltd. was established
February 1991 Yasui Seiki USA was established in Bloomington, IN USA
April 1994 Labo, Ayase R&D Center was established in Kanagawa, Japan
June 2001 Labo, Omura Branch was established in Nagasaki, Japan
September 2003 Acquired MIRWEC Film, Inc. from Mitsubishi Rayon, merged Yasui Seiki USA, and Yasui Seiki-MIRWEC was established
May 2006 Yasui Seiki Omura R&D Center was established in Nagasaki, Japan
June 2007 Yasui Seiki Omura R&D Center was expanded (Building 2)
October 2008 Yasui Seiki Assembly Plant was established in Kanagawa, Japan
December 2010 Yasui Seiki Omura R&D Center was expanded (Building 3)
September 2019 Yasui Seiki New Mother Factory was established in Kanagawa, Japan
October 2020 Kusano Taku was assumed office as CEO of Yasui Seiki.

Yasui Seiki Facilities

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Company Profile

Company Profile


Head office & Factory

1-5-1 Kadosawabashi, Ebina City, Kanagawa, Japan


6-18-30 Kadosawabashi, Ebina City, Kanagawa, Japan


6-3-19 Kadosawabashi, Ebina City, Kanagawa, Japan

Factory3, Factory5

147-58 Masuragaharamachi, Omura, Nagasaki


1694-1 Hongoh, Ebina City, Kanagawa, Japan