Table top size model “Mini-Labo™” BACK

Over 100 customers have purchased this type of machine. Our minimum sized essential model. You can have a test of Roll to Roll coating easily. It is suitable for step up test from hand coating. Our highly recommendation machine as an entry-model.

MICROGRAVURE™ coating system

We miniaturized our only-one technology “MICROGRAVURE™” on “Mini-Labo™”. You can experience MICROGRAVURE coating easily. It is really suitable for thin thickness coating.

Easy to use/install

After delivered “Mini-Labo™”, you only have to connect your home-outlet. You don’t have to prepare special environment.

Specifications & Options

Mini-Labo Deluxe™ Standard Option
Factory Requirements 3-phase, 200-220V, 60Hz, 50A
Dimensions – Standard D31” x W55” x H60”
Coating Methods MICROGRAVURE™ & Slot die Tungsten carbide lip slot die; knife (comma roll)
Coating Width 120 mm (4.7″) up to 340 mm (13.4″)
Substrate Width 140 mm (5.5″) up to 340 mm (13.4″)
Dryer 1 m (3.28′), 160°C (320°F) hot air dryer 2 m (6.56′), 220°C (428°F) hot air dryer
Line Speed 0.2-2 mpm (0.65 to 6.5 fpm) 0.5-5 mpm (1.64 to 16.4 fpm); 1-10 mpm (3.28 to 32.8 fpm)
Solution Feeder Gravity tank & metering pump
Footage Counter Yes
Exhaust Blower Yes
Enclosure Yes, with casters
Other Options UV system Dry laminator Interleaf peeler VOC Cover Corona treater Patch coating unit E-stop