What is your demands?

We want to coat our solution with thin thickness.

MICROGRAVURE™ coating method can coat with really thin thickness and with good uniformity.

Not only thin thickness, but also you need good uniformity. MICROGRAVURE™ will give you a high quality thin thickness coating. We have a lot of know-how of MICROGRAVURE™ because MICROGRAVURE™ is originated by Yasuiseiki. We are continuously trying to increase MICROGRAVURE™ quality and we know what is the best setting of MICROGRAVURE™ coating unit. MICROGRAVURE™ will take you to the next stage.

You can have a test/demo at Labo and Mirwecfilm.
You can buy a MICROGRAVURE™ coating unit alone.

If you can’t use MICROGRAVURE™ due to your solution’s characteristics or other factors, we will give you another idea to coat it. We have some experience of thin thickness coating by using other coating methods. Please ask us and we will consider how to achieve it.

MG Uniformity Graph (MD,TD)