What is your demands?

We want an order made coating machine

We can provide you optimized coating machine from test model to production model.

If you want to create your high-functional products, you need a high-precision coater. We can create your only-one machine to achieve your purpose.
Yasuiseiki creates many types of machine by using our a lot of experience and knowledge. We will provide your optimized model to meet your budget, purpose and delivery date.
We have a test/demo to decide your machine’s specification during our production process.
We will have a challenge with you to create “only-one” technology.

The process of order made

Firstly, we will give you a planning design and we will discuss with you about the specification based on it.
We proactively give you a good proposal of design/options to fit your situation.
After that we will complete the final specification and you will confirm it.

  • Hearing (your budget, purpose and applications)

  • Design Proposal

  • Deciding Specifications

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembling and Leveling

  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

  • Installing